Well, I’ve redesigned the site again. Whoops.

Usually about once a year, I get a deep urge to completely rewrite this site from the ground up. Sometimes it’s because I’ve seen a pretty design elsewhere on the internet that I want to attempt to mimic, or sometimes it’s because I want to try out a new tool to generate the content. Sometimes I can’t even explain why. It’s because of this that jamiedavies.me has undergone so many changes over the years.

Frankly, this needs to stop.

I’ve spent so much of my time faffing around with the style of the website that I’ve barely left any time for the content itself. My past posts have all been boring mismatches of hurried prose and copied-and-pasted snippets from technical documents.

Less designing, more writing

I intend for this current iteration of the site to be the final one (at least for a good long while, anyway).

I’ve chosen a barebones approach to the design this time. This will hopefully give me less to dislike in the future! And besides, minimalism is cool, right?

I’ve also taken a new approach to storing and sharing the design of the site that I haven’t taken in the past. I have separated the bulk of the HTML and CSS into a separate repository, and released it as a Jekyll theme for anyone to use. Hopefully this openness will prevent me making lots of changes to the design all of the time, as well as encouraging other people to make design tweaks for me!

What now?

You’ll notice that (at the time of publishing this post) there is no content on the site. It’s a clean slate.

Over the coming weeks I’m going to work on porting over some of my old entries from the previous site revisions. I won’t be bringing them all over, just the best ones. And I don’t want to just copy them over now, as I think many of them could do with a lot of editing rewriting.

After that, who knows what I’ll be posting on here. I plan to keep it open and write about whatever I’m interested in at the time. This will usually be centred around technology and programming, but I may also slip in the occasional post about other interests (read: food).

Wish me luck!